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My holidays

Da sind wir wieder – ganz frisch zurück aus den Ferien! Wir haben uns sofort in die Arbeit gestürzt und in Englisch gleich einmal die „einfache Vergangenheit“ („simple past“) wiederholt. Passend dazu haben wir kleinere Aufsätze zu unseren Sommerferien verfasst.

Seht selbst, wie fit wir mittlerweile im Englischen sind:

I stayed at home in Berlin. It was very often hot because it was summer. I wasn’t every day at home, I met my friends, I played with them or went eating ice cream. I also went to the cinema and watched a movie. Sometimes I walked with my brother to the park and played with him there. The weather was so hot that I went swimming with my family. I was really nice. I had lots of fun and I think my brother had fun, too.

Sometimes it was rainy. Then we stayed at home. When it was cold, my mother made me a tea and it was really yummy. She turned the TV on and then it was a good day for me.

On one day we went shopping with my mother. We bought a dress for the summer and there was a birthday party of my friends on the first days of the holidays. There were lots of other kids. First I didn’t know them but later we played together and that was nice. I had to do some homework in the holidays but I just forgot them. 

– Feyza, 6a – 

Bis bald, eure 6a

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